A plea.

Dating this so that it will stay at the top of my journal, because it's that important.

One of my family members needs a bone marrow transplant, and is a difficult match.

So if you haven't yet joined the local bone marrow registry, I'd ask that you think about it. In Canada, all I needed to do was a cheek swab, and I was in the database. We can also access other countries databases, so if you are in another country, you'd still be helping.

I didn't have to *go* anywhere to do this, they sent me a package, I swabbed my cheek myself, and mailed it back with the free enveloppe they'd included. No hassle. If you are a match, they will contact you to see if you are still willing to donate, so you always have the opportunity to say 'no'.

Funny story though, if you are a match, and they can't find you at your last address, they'll send the RCMP after you. I warned my parents if the Mounties ever showed up at their door asking about me, it was because I was a match. And not a drug dealer, or something. n__n


One Match, the Canadian one.

Be the Match, in the States.

In Britain.

Not sure where else to link to, but if you need a link, I'm sure I can find it for you.

Please, think about it?


Update for March: We now have a couple of partial matches, but that seems to be as good as it gets right now. We don't know how we're going to proceed, but I'd still love a better match.


Update for August: The partial matches were good enough for a transplant! It was done two months ago now and it seems to have taken, though I knock on wood as I say this. Type this. There's certainly lots of hope for the future!

Slayers Quilt!

I have realised that I am actually two quilts behind in posting to my journal. I know I haven't been very active on the ol' live journal recently... I need to catch up with a couple of things first, and then I'll be around more. I know my Dad misses reading my posts!

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Hope you enjoyed that! It's my favourite quilt that I've made yet, I really loved the drawing.

Did a little bit of research into my laptop problem...

And I wish I had found the NVIDIA defect forum when I first sent it in. I would have maybe asked to get a different laptop, one that was free of the whole NVIDIA chip that is basically guaranteed to fail.

So I thought, what the heck? I'd start an inquiry with ASUS, and see how that goes. I've actually bought an ASUS mother board for my computer (one that would not have this problem, as the problem is actually the NVIDIA chip and not the board itself) and an ASUS monitor.

I was really wanting to have my laptop for this month, as I was thinking of going to the library and the like to work on my nano. I was looking to see if I could find maybe a really old laptop at like, value village or something so that I could at least type on it, away from the house.

And the internet.

Anyway! Saw an opera last night, and it was awesome. It was Die Fledermaus, and it was hilarious. From the site:

"Before serving his short prison term, Gabriel von Eisenstein decides to attend Prince Orlofsky’s ball. There, he is ensnared in a screwball plot of elaborate revenge, disguises, mistaken identity and spouses pushing the boundaries of each other’s fidelity. Amidst all the gaiety, this exquisite entertainment poses larger questions about a society dancing on the edge of ruin."

And this is an opera? What happened to the people singing about boring, incomprehensible things?

The costumes were cool, and I absolutely loved the wife's lover's TEAR AWAY PANTALOONS. It was priceless!

M and I had sushi before, and we split a bunch of different things. We had this cucumber unagi green tea roll which was really good, as well as these tofu pockets, a rainbow roll, and some fried squid. It was really good!

Then we still had some time to kill, so we went over to 401 games and then to the new Silver Snail. I got some dice of my own from 401 games! They're not those cool precision dice that I wanted, but I figured these were good for now. They're blue with gold numbers. I also got a second d6 that has DRAGONS on it. Dragons. It is my wild die!

At the new Silver Snail, M got the newest fables books, which were actually signed by the author! Apparently he was there, on hallowe'en.

Then the opera.

After the opera we went for bubble tea at Chatime on Dundas, just a little bit west of Yonge. It was full of Asian people, and the line up eventually went out the door. I took that to mean it was good! Next time, I'd like to try the Chrysanthemum tea, because that sounds nifty.

Then I wound up over at M's house to watch the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, which was worse than I remembered. The cuts were incomprehensible, the dialogue was too fast, and Elisabeth just moped around a lot. Like, forever. We saw Wickham what, three times? And the Aunt and Uncle weren't even introduced, they were just there.

They also made some incomprehensible changes to the story, like having the garrison move north when Elisabeth goes to visit Charlotte... Alone? Then never introduced Colonel Forrester, so this guy just randomly shows up and they just randomly give him their daughter.

They also cut out all of the children that the aunt and uncle had, for no real reason.


Pretty, but awful.

And then I got a ride home, (thanks M!), went to sleep, and then got up and started to see what I could see about my poor laptop.

As soon as my phone is charged, I'll try ASUS and then Bell. Or Bell first.

That sucks.

Looks like my laptops motherboard just gave up the ghost. Since it's already been replaced once under the warranty that ended a couple of years ago, I think it's finally dead. Now I just have to figure a way to get all of my personal information off of it, including my files. I don't thing I really had much on their, as I was using an external hard drive for most of that, but I still don't want to dispose of it before wiping the thing.

And there's the problem. I can't get it to display ANYTHING, because the display thinger on the mobo is dead. I'm pretty sure. I tried connecting my cintiq to it as an external monitor, and it just mirrored the same black screen that my laptop had.

There was a suggestion to unplug it, take out the battery, and let it hang out for five hours to drain the CMOS battery and then try again. I figured, what the hell? So it's sitting on my bed sans battery for the first time every.

What's really disappointing was that I was going to do nanowrimo on it, since scrivener and my good computer just don't get along AT ALL. Before I updated scrivener, the computer would freeze after three minutes of the program being open. Every time. Now it takes about a half hour? I should test it.

Just waiting for my computer to crash, now. Then maybe I'll sign up for the forums, or start a bug report, or something. Hopefully it's fixed!

I'm sad that my laptop died. It was a good laptop. (Minus needing the motherboard replaced less than two years into it's life.) I'm glad I have a desktop now, but I will miss the slight portability of my laptop. I wonder if I could get a really cheap little netbook for typing?

I need to start wearing shirts where I can wear cuff links.

Because these are some of the best cuff links I have ever seen.

This is also a pretty sweet stretchy bind off that I just used to bind off the neck of my FIRST completed knitted sweater. Woot!

And I can use this technique to shorten the too-long arms.

Now I just have to kitchener stitch the under arms and weave in some ends, and I'm done-ola! Well, I'm almost done-ola. I still need to SPRAY PAINT IT. Ho ho ho!

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I've also managed to get some wireless internet on my desktop by moving the antenna, so that's also a good thing.

Room mates.

I guess asking for that one pot that was being used to store food in the fridge to not be used to store food since we have a grand total of three pots was too much to ask. Collapse )

TL;DR, My room mate has ~apparently~ decided I'm a zombie who doesn't like light because I insist on turning off the lights when no one is in the room. When I pointed out that this saves the planet, she ran into her room and started to sing words to the effect of (I shit you not) LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING LA LA LA.

I think it's time to find my own place. And I'm just getting settled in this room, too. I hear a friend of mine is looking for a room mate... Perhaps I should have moved in with the other friend six months ago.