Hiding in plain sight (wulfae) wrote,
Hiding in plain sight

Leather bag - Research

Table of Contents.

1 - Table of Contents, and why in the first place.
2 - Research.
3 - Designing.
4 - Tooling.
5 - Other Leatherworking Steps.
6 - Dyeing.
7 - Assembling.
8 - Sewing a lining.
9 - Finished pictures!


First things first, was research. I have unfortunately lost all the bookmarks that I had then, so I can’t show you the actual sites that I used, but I can find more.

There are obviously a lot of books at Tandy, many of them written by the super talented Al Stohlman. You can buy ebooks of them as well. I wanted to find them in the library, because I was really interested in the figure carving book since most of the instructions online were about how to tool in the Sheridan (lol) style.

Youtube, as always, was a great source.

Bit of an overview.

This one shows more how to tool something.

Basic Leather Carving video put out by Tandy.

There is a leatherworking forum, with lots of neat stuff on it.
Tags: crafts, doctor who, leather, links, youtube

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