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Leather bag - Sewing.

Table of Contents.

1 - Table of Contents, and why in the first place.
2 - Research.
3 - Designing.
4 - Tooling.
5 - Other Leatherworking Steps.
6 - Dyeing.
7 - Assembling.
8 - Sewing a lining.
9 - Finished pictures!


Originally, I really wanted a shiny blue lining. And then my Mom said "Why don’t you use this? It’s really nice!"


And after coming back to the bag after half a year, I found that I couldn’t imagine it any other way but with that tartan inside. My Mom thought it was the Manitoba tartan, but I think that it might actually be some of the MacNaughton tartan, which is the clan that my great-grandfather belonged to. Which makes me wonder just what it is I cut up! Oh dear oh dear...

Moving past that...

The actual lining was pretty simple. I cut out a piece that was the same size as the front, plus two inches on each side and the bottom, and a piece that was the same size as the back, plus two inches on each side and the bottom. Then I did a box seam to make it sit flat. I think I overestimated how much seam allowance I was going to need, because it’s actually a little bit too long for the bag.

After I sewed this together, I folded over the edges on the flap part so they would be neat, when it was all sewn together.

Then I made individual pouches for each thing I was going to need. These include the obvious wallet, keys, and cell phone, to my camera, and end with my DS and a spot for a compass. Unfortunately they are a little bit tight in there, so if I want to grab anything it’s a bit of a struggle to open up the flap, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out.

I was careful to match the pieces that I cut out, so that when they folded over, the tartan lines would match up. LIKE YOU CAN SEE IT ANYWAY, right?? I also tried out a couple of different arrangements of the pouches, based on how they matched up to the stripes below. Again, like you’ll ever see that!!

Look, it almost all lines up. All the lines line up, at least!

Isn’t my wallet nice?

Compass. So I’ll know what direction I am facing when I leave a subway station, even when they don’t have the vicinity map.

Then I glued the flap part down to the leather, using some barges cement which This to That told me was best.

Next time I will be buying TWO tubes, because I also used it on the strap, and it didn’t stretch as far as I wanted it to on the flap.

I also have a magnetic snap to seal it. I was really, really concerned about this. It was IMPOSSIBLE to take the two pieces apart, and I was very worried that it would be too strong for a simple bag. I was also worried that the piece that went on the flap would just tear through my material, because I obviously wasn’t poking it through the leather smack into the middle of my design. What I did was get a scrap piece of leather, cut some slits in that. I figured out where the snap was going to have to go, and cut some slits in the material. I put a lot of glue on the material, so that it *hopefully* won’t fray, and I put the magnet through the lining, and the leather. Then I glued it down.

It... Works pretty well. I’m getting better at snapping it shut, but it does need to be just so to work right.

I also made a lining for my strap, because I wanted it to be pretty. I just sewed a tube, and then painstakingly turned it right side out. After, I glued it solidly to the leather, and saddle stitched up and down both sides.

The reason I glued both things instead of just stitching them was because I've heard that a) two heads are better than one, and b) I wanted it attached over the whole area, not just the edges. I didn't want it to sag.
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