Hiding in plain sight (wulfae) wrote,
Hiding in plain sight

TARDIS Day gifts have been exchanged, now I can show off!

And believe me, I was really excited to see sajex's reaction when she saw what I was making. I think she was just as excited to see mine! And the funny thing? Well, I'll show you in photos. Check this out...

I made this:

I actually quite like this shot.

And she made this:

What on Gallopfrey are the chances?

( Fake cut to my process post. )

More pictures now! I'll have to get better ones of both subjects in better light... I really want to construct some form of light box to get some good, semi professional looking photos. I know that sajex has a good camera. HMMMM.

On with the show! I'll do a more in depth making of post for my sewn pony later, it's nearly midnight and I'm BEAT. I just had to share!

The amazing gift I received! (Rory pony is coming soon, there were problems getting the paint for him.)

Serious pony conversation. Saving the world, no doubt.

They've noticed me! Act natural, I suppose...


Look at his HAIR.

EPIC sculpey job.

Things you need to know about this: he's totally the doctor from my comic.

Coloured like so:

This really was one of my favourite cards.

Which was absolutely awesome. I can't believe she went to the trouble! And since I decided that a Gallifreyan could also be a unicorn and pegasus because he's just SPECIAL, she had to buy two different ponies to get the unicorn head and pegasus body. And his tiny bow tie!!

On to Amy!

Amy in Timmies. Uh, welcome to Canada?


Cutie mark!

It's funny, we actually had a discussion about what kind of cutie mark that Amy should have. I do like the idea of a watch, and pocket watches are the BEST, so I think it fits pretty well! I also like another idea that came up (totally impractical for this application though) of having a suitcase with different tags on it from all the different places she's been. Just so her identity is less tied to the Doctor, kind of?

ANYWAY. I have no idea how on earth you do a custom my little pony, so this was suuuper neat. She had to reroot the hair, and do all the sculpey, and dye/paint the ponies, and I guess the heads and the bodies took the paint differently, so it was hard to get them even?

I can't tell!!

So I brought them home, and now they live here:

:D :D :D

With some friends!

Needless to say, I'm tickled pink.

And now, time for the Fifth Doctor Whooves!

Yes, I do call those 'clothes'. 9___9

His clothing isn't final here, I just like these shots with natural light better than the ones I snapped later on. SIGH. I'll get better ones! Next time I see him. *sniffles* Also, ignore the needle sticking out there. That was just so I wouldn't lose it... I need a real pincushion. :L

Celery is important.

I figured that he'd have a different cutie mark depending on the regeneration. One? Cane. Two? Recorder. Four? Scarf. Five? Celery. Six? Cat, somehow. Seven? Umbrella. Eight? Uh, a pair of shoes? His watch? The sonic screwdriver? OH! Three? His sonic screwdriver. I always liked the yellow!

No ideas for the new doctors, though. Hm.

Moving on!

Surprise! More celery.

That's celery, in case you couldn't tell. U____U

I'm really excited that he's done, and given away! I'm sad to lose him, but I love my little ponies. I've been thinking that I needed to buy some MLP:FiM toys, because I want to support the show. Now I don't have to! Muuuuahahahahahaaaa.
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