Hiding in plain sight (wulfae) wrote,
Hiding in plain sight

Room mates.

I guess asking for that one pot that was being used to store food in the fridge to not be used to store food since we have a grand total of three pots was too much to ask. I came home today to find out that my other two room mates have decided that they will buy their own pots, so they can leave them in the fridge. Oh, also, they're going to buy new dishes and everything, could I take out everything that's mine?

Well... Okay... I thought things were going alright?

I think what's going to happen is that I will take all of the house stuff right now. That's fine, they just can't use my goddamn pots. (We have THREE, why would you be so selfish as to leave one in the fridge when we have FREE CONTAINERS? Also, DON'T LEAVE YOUR FOOD OUT, bugs eat it. No, it's not the fact that the bottom of the drainer is dirty that gives us bugs, IT'S THE FOOD YOU LEAVE OUT CONSTANTLY. Are you stupid?)

Also, she continues, those lights in the garage? They're going to stay on all the time now.

"Oh," I say. "Well, I don't really like that, since no one is out there."

"I'M SCARED." Is the reply. "I see people out back, and I'm scared."

I gesture to the windows and patio door with locks on them and say, "They're all locked! No one can get in."

No, no. She's still frightened. "Fine," I say, a little angry. "Buy some energy efficient bulbs."

"No. Why should I?" The quick reply.

"Because we don't need to be wasting the energy?" I reply, slightly dumbfounded. Then this basically loops for five minutes, with both of us getting more upset. I try a couple of times to explain why it's so important to me that we conserve power, and she counters with "I'm paying for it."

Yeah, sure. You're paying for it. Also any future offspring you might have, and any younger relatives, and the animals, and the ice caps, and the planet. Go ahead and whine about how you're paying for hydro, I'm sure they'll all cry a single tear for you.

A three pack is just ten god damn dollars, seriously. I'm just going to buy it tomorrow and put them in.

And I will keep turning off the god damn lights, she leaves them on all night after she goes to bed. All. Night.

Apparently the new room mate has been afraid to come home, because it's so dark. I'm not sure how this is *my* fault, I've been on the damn landlord to fix the damn bulb in the front of the house. In FACT, I was on him to put the damn thing there *in the first place*. And the spyhole in the front door. And the washer not having any cold water to wash with, for some reason. AND the leak in the ceiling.

I know he was here and didn't replace the bulb. I CALLED HIM TODAY. And I asked him to fix the lock you asked me to ask him to fix. AGAIN.

Oh, and your statement that it saves energy to keep lights on?


Here's one site saying if they are incandescent (they are) TURN THEM OFF.

BC Hydro says the same.


TL;DR, My room mate has ~apparently~ decided I'm a zombie who doesn't like light because I insist on turning off the lights when no one is in the room. When I pointed out that this saves the planet, she ran into her room and started to sing words to the effect of (I shit you not) LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING LA LA LA.

I think it's time to find my own place. And I'm just getting settled in this room, too. I hear a friend of mine is looking for a room mate... Perhaps I should have moved in with the other friend six months ago.

Tags: argh, rant, roommate

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