Hiding in plain sight (wulfae) wrote,
Hiding in plain sight

I need to start wearing shirts where I can wear cuff links.

Because these are some of the best cuff links I have ever seen.

This is also a pretty sweet stretchy bind off that I just used to bind off the neck of my FIRST completed knitted sweater. Woot!

And I can use this technique to shorten the too-long arms.

Now I just have to kitchener stitch the under arms and weave in some ends, and I'm done-ola! Well, I'm almost done-ola. I still need to SPRAY PAINT IT. Ho ho ho!

Yesterday, I went with M.O to fabricland. I have a membership, and she wanted to buy fabric for her silent hill 2 nurse costume. Since she's never really sewn anything, she wanted my help. I wanted to use my membership more, so it was worth the money! It all worked out.

So we eventually get up to fabricland (fabricland!) and with the help of one of the ladies who works there, found some material. It was 2$/m hallowe'en fabric, so it was super cheap! As another lady was unrolling it to cut for us, I noticed some stains on the fabric.

Since M.O's making a *silent hill* nurse, she's going to dirty it up anyway, and it wasn't a big deal. But, true to my roots, I said in a worried tone "Oh, there's some stains on this..." And pointed to it.

M.O, meanwhile, blithely (AND LOUDLY) says "OH, THAT'S OKAY! I'M GOING TO STAIN IT ANYHOW!"

I don't think I've ever *actually* elbowed someone in the stomach before!

She looked at me, and it finally twigs that I was trying to get something off of her fabric. I know it wasn't expensive, but this was a legitimate stain. And if she wasn't making a costume that is going to be stained anyway, it would be a pain to cut around it! She apologises, and says she didn't realise I was trying to haggle.

It was pretty priceless.

After, we decide to get something to eat. There's a Demetre right there, and M assures me that there are sandwiches, and that we can split a dessert. We walk in the door, and I express my doubts as to the actual food content of the place, and she pulls open the menu talking again about these sandwiches.

We flip through the menu, get to the back, close it, and I notice the slogan of the place. "Where desserts are the main course."

I laughed and pointed it out, she continued to protest that they had sandwiches, and then went and asked someone. He indicated that they did not, in fact, have sandwiches.

(To be fair, they did at one point.)

So instead, we went to Katz's Deli and Corned Beef Emporium. Corned. Beef. Emporium.

It was beautiful, though neither of us had the corned beef. The chicken salad wasn't bad, but the sandwich would have been much better with lettuce, tomato, and maybe a pickle. P:

Then back to Demetre for a peanut butter icecream, brownie, fudge sauce and whipped cream dessert. Then home!

All in all, I had a great day yesterday. All of my scenes had very minor revisions which I finished in like, an hour. We had pho, and then I got the last bit of fabric I need for my costume. I also got a plastic sword that I'm going to mod to look less crummy! :D

Today, I'm going to be hanging out with chibisaturnia and her husband and sister. It's going to be awesome! And then I'll go with them for thanksgiving. It'll be the first time I will have been at a 'family' thanksgiving in quite a few years!

I've also managed to get some wireless internet on my desktop by moving the antenna, so that's also a good thing.
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