Hiding in plain sight (wulfae) wrote,
Hiding in plain sight

That sucks.

Looks like my laptops motherboard just gave up the ghost. Since it's already been replaced once under the warranty that ended a couple of years ago, I think it's finally dead. Now I just have to figure a way to get all of my personal information off of it, including my files. I don't thing I really had much on their, as I was using an external hard drive for most of that, but I still don't want to dispose of it before wiping the thing.

And there's the problem. I can't get it to display ANYTHING, because the display thinger on the mobo is dead. I'm pretty sure. I tried connecting my cintiq to it as an external monitor, and it just mirrored the same black screen that my laptop had.

There was a suggestion to unplug it, take out the battery, and let it hang out for five hours to drain the CMOS battery and then try again. I figured, what the hell? So it's sitting on my bed sans battery for the first time every.

What's really disappointing was that I was going to do nanowrimo on it, since scrivener and my good computer just don't get along AT ALL. Before I updated scrivener, the computer would freeze after three minutes of the program being open. Every time. Now it takes about a half hour? I should test it.

Just waiting for my computer to crash, now. Then maybe I'll sign up for the forums, or start a bug report, or something. Hopefully it's fixed!

I'm sad that my laptop died. It was a good laptop. (Minus needing the motherboard replaced less than two years into it's life.) I'm glad I have a desktop now, but I will miss the slight portability of my laptop. I wonder if I could get a really cheap little netbook for typing?
Tags: computer, day-to-day

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