On cakes. And studio parties.

M's birthday is coming up! She agonised over what to do for it and when to have it for a really long time before finally deciding on a picnic on Sunday. Great! I'll make the cake on Friday, get people over to decorate on Saturday, and it'll be ready for sunday.

A new idea appears! Karaoke! Which is great, I really enjoyed going the one time I did, and was looking forward to going again. Only the day has changed to Saturday, which means *everything* had to happen on Friday. And the cake I wanted to make was complicated!

No fear though! The three of us, R and D and I, were totally up for the challenge! And so we made the cake. (More on this after it's been delivered, I don't want to give away the decoration or recipe.)

Suffice it to say that D and I got to my place by about six, and everything was finally done around two. It necessitated a trip to the grocery store to replace ingredients when we needed to try something again, and we reached the 'too much sugar', the 'innuendo o'clock', the 'silly o'clock', and finally the 'speaking low and slowly out of sheer exhaustion o'clock'.

All of this was definitely enhanced by the fact that D and I had been at the 9story 10th anniversary party the night before!

Speaking of, that was really fun. It was at a fancy restaurant not far from work called 'Brassaii', and they had lots of food, and a little candy bar thing set up for dessert. Also, it was an open bar. Woo! And there was a DJ and a room for dancing!

He might have been stuck in the eighties a little, but he did play requests. D wanted 'Ghostbusters', I wanted 'Time Warp' and 'Rasputin', and we both had to ask for 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. She requested it early in the night, and then we waited for *hours*. Finally I went over an asked again.

The DJ said "Well... I'll try to get it on, but it's a weird song to dance to." I blinked, because it was an *awesome* song to dance to. And by dance, I of course mean 'act everything out as melodramatically as possible while singing the words as loud as you can'.

When he finally played it, just before last call, everyone left in the restaurant came into the little dance floor room and sang their little hearts out. It was magic, I hope someone got pictures.

Afterwards, I wanted to go to the DJ and say 'HA!', but I decided it would be classier to thank him for playing it. He seemed genuinely surprised at how much everyone got into it. I guess his usual crowd isn't a bunch of animators?

It was after midnight, and I thought it was likely time to get home, since the bus I wanted to take didn't run super late. M pulled the 'TEN MORE MINUTES!' I was finally able to drag her out, and then she basically decided that her feet needed to be amputated. And she wanted to dance more, the fool! We got home alright, but it was a painful experience.

I wore my bridesmaid dress from my youngest sister's wedding, and got lots of compliments on it! I also wore the high heeled shoes for almost all the night, only changing when it was time to go home.

My friends thought that the converse and enormous backpack (I had knitting to do!!) really complimented the dress, and that I had accessorised well. I am not lying!

And then the next day I not only find out that I *do* have a 9story email, but that I won a monster! Colin's arms come out of his hoodie pocket, is amazing.

(I quite like this one.)

Now I've played on the computer for long enough, it's time to have a shower and go and buy some styrene for my costume. And something to make moulds out of, maybe.

Snowbirds just flew over my house.

It was pretty cool, they were in a Y formation. Whatever that's called! I thought one of the neatest things of their show on Saturday, when I saw it, was that they started off really far away over Lake Ontario, and then just kept going into different formations... But they were so far away, it was hard for people to see. It was like they were just having fun, and showing off. Even when they were flying behind us, behind the road, they were still changing formations.

I had a great time, and I was really glad that D from work could join me. It actually worked out really well, because I had bought a ticket online, printed it, and left it at home. By the time I noticed I'd forgotten it, I was nearly there and didn't have time to rush back and grab it.

But I could send it to D, who printed it, and got in! Hooray!

I also caught about half of the My Little Pony show. The costumes aren't that bad, actually, though I do wish that they had a better way to hide the necks and the joints between the body and the front legs.

The first thing I noticed? They'd re-recorded the songs, and not with the original voice actors. It made sense, since with only three of them there they had to change some of the lyrics, but it was still weird.

Then I tried to watch a NFB short about sea turtles, but it was in the kids thing so there were lots of kids around... Not that I'm complaining about THAT, I'm complaining about the fact that you couldn't hear the audio and you couldn't see it really well, because it was on a projector. P:

The single tear the turtle cried after laying her eggs and leaving was a bit much, though. Turtles aren't sad to leave their eggs, that's how they do things. 9__9

At the air show, I laughed pretty hard when the CF-18 (I think) went past us upside down with it's landing gear hanging out to 'I'm sexy and I know it'. XD Nice sense of humour, guys. I laughed.

I also LOVED when the announcer was talking about the war of 1812 (200 years this year! The states were huge jerks and attacked us! Jerks!) and how it played a huge role in the history of our country, and helping us work together and all that... And then passed it over to the Americans.

Haha, yeah. Thanks for attacking us, guys. Have the mic!

Oop, here they come again! I'm really glad I went to the air show this year, I've wanted to go for a long time. This time it was just two, not the whole nine, but they were SO CLOSE together! Crazy!

And... I'll stop with the rambling.

Dear self:

Beat this cold. Seriously, this sucks. It's the end of summer, and I have a cold. And the only medication I have is that horrible tylenol cold and flu stuff that seems to effect everyone in my family the same way: badly. Never in my life have I ever felt so restless that I couldn't lie still, and yet been so knocked out that I had to hold onto the wall to stand up. You know that feeling you get when you're drugged to the gills and helplessly asleep? That one. But so restless that I couldn't stay asleep, it was horrible.

So I need to find a place where I can dispose of this medication. The site that the government site links to pretends that it will tell you, but there aren't any pharmacies listed for the entire province. Good one, guys. I guess I'll just wander down to the local pharmacy sometime this week and see if they'll take my drugs back. I don't want them! D:

Had a nice chat with Mom yesterday, which was nice. They've been on 'vacation' out at the CABIN for about a week, so I wasn't able to call them. It's strange to be walking somewhere and want to chat with someone, and then realise that most of your family is busy.


Ah well.

In other news, I'm really liking the trial version of Scrivener. It's a writing program that allows you to have a bunch of little files that you can re-arrange, expand on, and do all sorts of neat things with. Instead of having a bunch of word documents for research and character charts and the like, they all go into one program where you can easily switch between 'em.

I just need to type up all the stuffs I've written. And then, y'know, figure out my story. :D

The past week.

Now that I'm in the office, I'll be on my home computer a lot less. It's good, because I can then use the time to do other things that I'd like to do. For one thing, I'd like to have an awesome hallowe'en costume this year!

This just means I'll be updating less, so Mom and Dad, I'm fine. I'm just working. :D

It's been nice to get out of the house, and really really nice that from now until the end of this contract, I will have my bus pass. Today is the first day I get to use it, I'm so excited!

I went and saw the Tea Party after work yesterday, here's a playlist of the concert. I really enjoyed it! The Tea Party was my favourite bad when I was younger, and still is one of my favourites now. I love that the lead singer sounds like a man, unashamedly. I really like how intricate the music can get, and I love that the lyrics sound more like poetry than is usual.

Also, a regret in life has been rectified. I saw the Tea Party perform at the Stampede years and years ago, and I did not buy a t-shirt because they were all too big. Well, I bought one THIS time, and I will take it in so that it will fit me better. It's one with the album cover from Edges of Twilight, which has an awesome picture of a broken angel that looks like it's crying.

Check it out.

Which I always thought of during the weeping angel episodes, so there you go.

Today I'm going to head back over to the CNE to see the AIR SHOW, and I'm really excited for that. I think I'll also grab my files, so I can work on them a bit more at home tomorrow and monday, and not need to go into the studio. Now that I have a choice, there are times when it's nice to work at home!

The 400$ quadro 2000 cards in those work stations handle flash really well, but I'm pleased to say only slightly better than the card I wound up going with, which is a NVIDIA 570. With lots and lots of RAM.

I'm also starting to see how the story that I'm working on could go. I really enjoy doing all of the ground work of the story, figuring out the world and the characters and the like. I would like to actually write this during November, so that's my deadline. I'm trying to fill up my 300 page 'cahier' with plot threads, idea nuggets, and character descriptions. I also enjoy listening to the Writing Excuses podcast.

I would like to write my ridiculous pony fic FULL of OCs during nanowrimo. And, when I get a first pass all the way through, I can go through and edit it. Then I think I'd like to release it on fimfiction or something. I don't feel right sharing something that isn't finished, because I don't want to not finish it and disappoint someone. I'm hoping any responses I get to the edited version that I will eventually release will help me polish it up nicely.

While my idea does have some of the usual ideas, mainly a secret cult that disagrees with Celestia's rule, I hope that I'll be able to develop it enough that it doesn't feel like something rote.

I hope that I can write well enough to bring my OCs to life, and make it a story that people will read.

I really hope I get some names that I like better, too! D: That's the hardest part, honestly. NAMES!!!!

Enough with the rambling! I need to print my ticket, and then go down to the CNE.


I'm totally going to be in studio starting tomorrow! I can't tell you how excited I am. This is going to let me buy a bus pass! It will mean I'll walk more, so I won't feel quite as sedentary as I do right now.

I'll have a regular schedule, which will do *wonders* for me.

I won't be able to goof off during working hours as much, which means I won't feel like I'm tied to to the computer to try to make that up later in the night.

And I'll have a bus pass! I'm going to go to so many libraries. :D :D

Today, I think I'm going to buy a day pass, and go mattress shopping. I've neatened up my room enough that I think people could deliver a mattress, and I think it would help with the whole 'getting up earlier than I have been' thing if I didn't wake up sore and achy from sleeping either on the floor or on a sagging mattress.

I'd also like to go to Fabricland to pick up some fabric for the curtain for my window.

And buy a curtain rod.

I figured out the sizes of pictures I want to frame last night, so I've got that all written down. I think I'll wait to grab anything until I've got the picture framing handbook I requested from the library, and then I can learn about frames and the like.

Well! I'd better write down addresses and directions for getting to these mattress places, and then rush off to the leica meeting today at noon!

Scene is in.

Well, it's uploading right now. I'll let the head animator know when it's in, and then do whatever revisions, and BAM. This is going to be a great pay cheque... Though a mattress and box spring will take a fair chunk out of it. And a bed frame. And some risers. Space for storage under the bed mmmmmmmmm....

I'd kind of like to get a shelf to go along the top of my wall in my room, over my bed and dresser. Then I can display all of my *awesome* things that I've got squirrelled away right now. I have some cool action figures, and gargoyles, and Cardcaptor figures, and and and. Right now they're all in a box, it sucks.

And the big poster frames are on sale right now at IKEA. I miiiight just have to mosey on over there. I'd like to display my awesome Doctor and Pumpkin head drawing that I did for my Doctor Who quilt, along with photos of it. I wonder how you cut a custom mat?

Just reserved a book at the library. I've got a couple of things that I'd like to cut custom mats for, because I don't think there is anything that will do my ATC exchange from last year's mango justice.

If I don't have any revisions on this scene, I might go and get a day pass and do some mattress shopping and picture frame buying.

Or maybe I should finish putting everything away in my room. U__U; That makes more sense.

So I worked really late on the weekend...

To finish off all of my scenes. Luckily, I had one that was actually kind of fun to do. I'm trying really hard to remember that 'animating' and 'moving bits around' are two very different things, and if I want to get better at this, I have to animate.

Everything was in early Monday morning, and then I'm just waiting on revisions. A couple of technical ones (rrrg, props people making god damn movie symbols. Seriously, what the hell?? Why is this still happening?) but other than that, they were bumped up to director approval and then to rendering. One even had a 'very nice!' from the director next to it.

Pat myself on the god damn back.

Since the new episode hasn't been broken up yet, I now had nothing to do today. Luckily, I picked up an easy 13 second scene that I've posed out already, and will hopefully do the first tween pass* tonight.

I think I might put the extra money towards a nice bed. I've got a cot from my room mate right now, so I'm not on a futon on the floor anymore, but it sags in the middle and I'm not sleeping as well as I ought.

I just need to take a day and go mattress shopping. What a pain! OH I should go to Leon's, I love their 'ho-ho-hold' the payment commercials. Or possibly Sleep Country, and then I could sing that jingle all the time.

Annnnyway. I just watched the first episode of the first season of Supernatural, and I *really* like how they did the effects. They looked really neat, and I loved how she was blinking on and off like someone was flicking channels, or something. Though (spoilers) I called what was going to happen to the girlfriend during the 'What would you do without me?' conversation.

Dear writers: Stop that. They're in a relationship, she helps him, he helps her, they make each other's lives better. Don't use that phrase. Everyone automatically leans back and yells 'YOU ARE SO DEAD' at the screen.

I think it's like, a law. Or something.

I also worked on the back story of my character for the Hellfrost game we're going to be playing. I'll be their version of a halfling, with a *yak*. They thought I was crazy with the whole yak thing, but since Berrysweet is a female yak, I've got milk. And her long, luxurious hair and soft inner down gives me some great fibres to spin with, so I can totally make shelters and stuff.

She's also huge compared to me, so she'll be an excellent wind break until I can afford a tent. I think a two person one should fit a yak and a hobbit, right?

Also she's going to probably walk faster than I can, being a three foot tall person, so I'm hoping she'll help me get away from things if the need arises.

I totally have to save up to buy her some barding though. I don't want Berrysweet killed!

I learned today that yaks, properly cared for, don't smell. And their poop doesn't smell, so maybe I can use that for fuel too, and not be dependant on wood.


*This show uses 'motion tweens' to take a symbol in a horizontal position and have flash do alllll the work to put it in a vertical position. Or a more different horizontal position. You can control the timing somewhat with graphs, so while it's still cut out flash animation, it's not all the same speed.


Oh man, when I finally get a car, I want these stickers. They are the firefly builder plaques, and they look amazing.

Also, I'd love the little model of Serenity.


Everything is now in my new room! I've swept out the old one, and it looks wonderful. I'll let the landlord know that it's ready tomorrow, so I have time to go through the load of trash/recycling/goodwill stuff I have sitting in the living room right now.

I never found the little piton that I lost for my shelf... The little metal thinger that lets you hang the shelves. I wonder if I can buy another? I'm sure I can.

I just need to sort through everything, and put it all away. My room mate left her cot, so I now am a) not sleeping on the floor and b) have space to put things *under the bed*. What a luxury!

To celebrate my hard work, I'm finishing off my delicious Summer Weiss (pronounced 'vice') Muskoka Wheat beer. When someone helps you move, you're supposed to give them pizza and beer, right? Well, no pizza for me, but I do have this beer. Delicious!

My new room has a WINDOW in it, as well as a closet. I'm so excited! I'm hoping the natural light will help me wake up in the morning.

Ahhhhhhhh the joys of renting.

So this was this morning. Keep in mind, this has been a continual thing pretty much since she moved in. Not every night, but a lot of nights she'll start getting ready to go to sleep or something between 12:30 and one, and won't stop effing pacing around for about an hour. Or so.

I, for the life of me, can't figure out what you're doing in your room moving around. I go to my room, get my clothes, and then lay down in my bed to read or sleep or whatever. I don't go from my closet to my book shelf to my closet to my book shelf to pounding up the stairs and back down and then going from my closet to my bookshelf for an hour.

And then she gets up between six thirty and seven thirty every day.


This particular incident started at about 12:30 AM for me, when I was trying to get to sleep. The tenant in the room above me was moving around, pacing back and forth (I'm guessing) over the squeaky part of the floor and then up and down the stairs. It's her room, I can't expect her to not move around in her room, but by 1:30 AM I had had it. I grabbed a broom and pounded on the ceiling, yelling that it was late and just go to sleep.

Fifteen minutes later, I did the same. Unfortunately, the broom went through the ceiling and there is now a little hole. My heart stopped and my face paled... I'd just punched a hole through drywall. Like an angry drunk college kid.


I'll need to fix that... We'll see what the landlord says.

After having punched a hole in the roof, I decided that I just needed to talk to her so we could come to some sort of understanding. I went outside to go and try to talk, only to find another of the tenants from upstairs sitting on the steps trying to get a hold of her brother so she could go and stay with him.

We chatted, she said that she was scared to be in the house because the annoying tenant had apparently stolen 250$ from the third tenant, and they figured it was to buy drugs. Or something.

By about 2AM or so, we had decided to call the police for a noise complaint, and so the guy who's money was taken could tell them about his theft.

They came, they talked to her, they told us that she was moving out. That solves the problem of the upstairs apartment, since it seems like she wasn't getting on with them. However, the next person to move into that room will still have a creaky floor. This tenant doesn't have her bed on a creaky board, but the last one did, and it was incredibly annoying.

It took them a while to get here, since it was a fairly non anxious noise complaint. By the time they got here, it was nearing three in the morning.

The good thing is that I got to hang out with my upstairs neighbours. I should invite them over for food, or something. Maybe they'd like to play Catan? (Someone play Catan with me!!) Or crib? I'd love to play more crib, so I can pose a challenge to my father when I see him over Christmas.

Aaaaanyway, I need to work. I've got a super late start, because when we all went back inside the house after chatting with the two police officers, apparently the upstairs room mate wasn't sleepy any more and paced for like... Another hour. At least.

And the ear plugs I bought?


I'm switching rooms soon, but it was really annoying to hear that the guy upstairs had told our landlord about the theft, and was told that they had to resolve it themselves and that it was a personal matter.

The cops said 'uh, no. It's not a personal matter, he has to do something'. I don't know if he can get rid of one girl on the lease, and not the others... But since apparently neither of them have signed a lease, where's the problem?


Talked to landlord, and I was trying to avoid saying 'she's crazy', because *I* don't know that. She just paces for an hour nearly every night, that's all. :S

He also seemed not too upset with the little hole in the ceiling. Apparently the girl who was going to take my room has decided not to, so I have to get all of my stuff out of there as quick as I can after my other room mate has moved out, so that he can show the room.

I also better go and grab my laundry so I can dry it, so I'll have something nice to wear at the launch party tonight! Woo!